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Good morning! Hope you're off to a good start today. Anyway, I had a quick question about my MKV. I bought the car last monday, and when I bought it the headlight beams were even. When you start her up, the headlights auto-level, in the sense that they 'look' down, and then look back up. I've noticed in the past few days that the left side beam appeared to be low. I was parallel parked, and I noticed when I saw my beams on the car in front of me, the left side was aiming about 6 inches (15cm) lower that the right side. Imagine what that would look like on the road...

Anyway, This is my first VW. On other cars, I know you have to balance the headlight lamps manually with a level tool. At the same time, I read that these xenons level themselves.

How do I service this issue by myself?

Thanks again

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I had the same problem with my MK4. But i believe they are the same way to adjust them. When you pop open your hood, there should be 2 plastic (Mine are at least plastic) adjustment knobs next to the headlights on each side. Just behind them. I believe mine needed a simple screw driver to adjust them, horizontally and vertically.
Give that a try.

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Xenon Headlight level adjustment

You will find the mechanical adjuster screws have security caps to prevent adjustments.
(My car was recalled just to add the anti-tamper caps.)
Of course they can be removed, but they are there for a reason.
A VAG-COM or equivalent is required, even for mechanically adjusting the headlights.
(Of course, the dealer can perform this task).

You should confirm there are no errors in the controller first.
If there are no errors, you should confirm the front and rear sensors
on the suspension are not damaged.
(They can pull apart slightly and throw off the resulting level solution.)

You can confirm the leveling motors are ok with an output test
that steps through a sequence cycling the leveling system through its paces.

And you can check the output and learned values of the leveling sensors in Measuring Blocks.

Once you have covered those bases, if a correction is still needed,
there is a controller sequence / procedure in Basic Settings - Group 001
you should use to mechanically adjust the headlights.
reference: Ross Tech Wiki
VW Touran (1T) Headlight Aim Control (Xenon)
(Redirected from VW Golf (1K) Headlight Aim Control (Xenon))


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Re: Xenon Headlight level adjustment

and I should have mentioned what made me learn all of that.
My car was tapped in a parking lot on the
right front corner / side of the lower bumper, popped out the side marker.
The plastic bumper deformed on impact, but relaxed to its original shape when freed.
The damage appeared to be a minor paint transfer only, but there was hidden damage.
Even though the impact was not on or near the headlight, squeezing the bumper
caused the adjacent headlight to break its upper mounting tab.
No damage to the headlight fixture / assembly itself, just a broken tab.
VW provides a repair kit for this
MK5 Headlight Repair Kit - Left (Drivers Side) 1K0 998 225
MK5 Headlight Repair Kit - Right (Passengers Side) 1K0 998 226
The broken tab resulted in my right side light leveling a few inches higher.
Cranking adjustment screws would have only made that problem worse.
I only really noticed it when hitting potholes, the assembly was loose and would "jiggle".
Upon further inspection, discovered the right side headlight assembly could be moved
with hood open and applying mild up and down pressure on the fixture.
Left side was solid.
Its an easy quick test to confirm none of your headlight mounting tabs are broken.
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