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I wouldn't sweat it any, just slide one of those small aluminum softball bats in the pocket on the back of the passenger side seat in case she becomes a problem later on!

No seriously, there is certinally a rivalry between Fords and Fast's. My best friend owns an '04 SVT Cobra, and he busts my balls all the time!! Last week, at work, I was comming off last out and tapped to my windsheild was a piece of paper that said...."Snakes eat Rabbits!! Watch your back!!" The fool even wrote it in red! He's such a Goof!

But I got him back the next night. He left is car unlocked. While he was out on a run, I took those little chocolate candys called 'Whoppers' and I put a pile of them on his drivers seat. It looked just like rabbit poo!! I topped it off by leaving a note on his steering wheel that read....'Sorry.... my rabbit Sh*t all over your seat!'

I'm still getting flak from that one.
1 - 2 of 40 Posts
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