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Hello ladies and gentlemen.
If you would be so kind as to share which tires you run in the summer, that would be simply stellar. In your post please indicate:
1. Size (2xx/xx/1x)
2. Brand
3. Model
4. How long you've had them
5. Your driving style
6. How they perform (comfort, handling, noise, side-wall flex, etc.)
7. Any personal input
8. Why you love me so much

I will begin by saying that i used to have 225/45/17 Continental ContiProContact, which came as standard on my vehicle. I drove the living crap out of them and they lasted about 45,000 miles. Regular alignments, rotations, inflating... etc... Honestly, there is absolutely nothing remarkable about them. They lit up from a standstill with very little effort, there was noticeable tire roll during hard cornering, performance in the wet was adequate, and they were very quite. Would never buy them again.

That's how I Röhrl
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1. 225/45/17
2. Conti
3. ExtremeContact DWS (dry wet snow all season)
4. ~40k mi
5. spirited
6. handle well, a bit doughy on turns, better contact than the stock procontacts, noise is minimal.
7. not bad, better than the stock pro contacts, pretty good for an all (3) season tire. Looking to get the summer DW next round, price is hard to beat. Wear is excellent.
8. Don't love or hate them. Need to try more brands to determine where they sit, but otherwise no compaints

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1) 225/45/17
2) Michelin
3) Pilot Super Sport
4) 3 weeks
5) I make the police blotter every week without fail
6) I'm also running H&R super sport springs and an H&R rear sway bar so ride quality is not exactly brilliant. The grip on these tires is unreal... they won't break loose in 1st (the stock all seasons always did) so there is clearly a lot more grip. I can get on the power a lot earlier without worrying about understeer.
7) These are actually cheaper than the ps2s
8) ****omit
9)700 shipped for all 4 tires

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1) 215/40/17
2) Falken
3) Azenis RT615K
4) 1 Month (bought the car with them already on it)
5) Normal a little more than half of the time, but I love hitting corners at speed
6) They handle like I'm on rails. Haven't felt any understeer yet (except just a little tiny bit in the rain the other day), mine are pretty worn down, and the stick like glue. They'll burn in first if you really want them to, usually they stick or wheel-hop a little bit. The only roll in the corners is the body roll.
7) I'll be getting the exact same tires for replacements if I don't go to 225
8) because you buy me things :)
9) No idea how much they cost. They're Falkens... so not cheap, but they're they probably won't break the bank

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1. 225 45 17
2. Nitto
3. Nex Gen
4. About a month
5. "spirited"
6. So far they're great. The side walls are pretty stiff and this makes for a rougher ride BUT...I've taken the same corners faster on these than I was able to on the Hankook Ventus tires that I had prior. Also, from a rolling 20 I get no wheel hop or spin with WOT.
7. The only thing that seems weird to me is they have a distinct tread pattern but only and "outside/inside" mounting. So half the tread appears to be spinning backwards. It should even out in the end, but it just seems odd. Also, they are a pretty soft feeling tire so I don't know how long they will last.
8. I didn't want to say this but...I just kinda like an e-friend's not you, it's...ok. It's you.
9. 365 out the door from Discount Tire Direct
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