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What % tint?

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I am going to get 15% tint on my black gti.
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i got 15% all the around and myfast is all black. 3m product done with the front window right above the rear view mirror...looks great at night, but i regret not getting 5's...i hate fish bowling and have people looking in...

i dont care about the cops either, if im getting pulled over its def not for tints!!! >:D

i paid a cool 200.00, lifetime warranty in new york state (near the border of jersey) but its clean...
:mad: got my first ticket!!!

a warning for not having the front plate (he asked y i didnt and i told him i get a black car and an ugly yellow plate and i dont wanna) he said put it on or u get a ticket...but i also gotta a 70.00 fine for the tints!!!

well whatever...i got my euro plate in so hopefully thatll draw less attention! LMAO!!!

cant wait for the next ticket!!!
1 - 2 of 67 Posts
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