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Welcom Newbies! from the Head Newbie!

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Just wanted to say welcome to eveyone who is new. I'm new also, so is everyone else. We've only been up a couple of weeks. So jump right in and get your feet wet.

Tell us who you are and what you like or dislike about the GTI.

We've got a real Motley Crue here. From Famous Celebrities, (don't ask, I promised not to reveal his name) to Professional drivers, Doctors, Attorneys, Clothing Designers, Gamers, Vdubbers, Ricers, and people from all walks of life. So don't worry, you'll fit right in.

Thanks for your support,

Fast Freddie
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It's totally Slash, haven't yall seen the commercials? There's also someone from Spinal Tap, and John Mayer, but both of them disrespect the car (Mayer scrapes his guitar on the side of the beetle, and the Spinal Tap guy is standing on top of the Jetta)

***[Total speculation, but hey, why not?]***
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