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want to get a GTI/GOLF, need opinions

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I got a 2006 rsx-s that i leased, im trying to find someone to take over my lease...The reason im doing this is because i dont feel like paying for the payments every month and need the money for college.. One of my friends just acquired a 2001/2002 VW 4 door GOLF. He got it from a european car mag editor that used it for "how to's" and drove it from state to state for his photoshoots...The car has many performance parts but i dunt know the exact has an upgraded turbo,full suspension, bigger brakes and other goodies...the guy had gutted the whole car out and put in all upgraded parts...its blue and my friend is planning on putting a spoiler and an R32 body kit on it+'s the bad has 150k miles....the upgrades dont have many miles on them though, it has had an oil change every 3k miles with synthetic...all the stupid typical VW problems such an engine coils and clutch have been fixed...He is goin to sell me the car in a few months, just in time for the summer...He supposedly said he beat a older ZO6 from a roll, so im sure that its very fast...let me know how much you guys think this car is worth and what i should offer him----i also would like to know, on top of the money im spending on the car, how much money am i gonna need for repairs, and what should i fix b4 problems arise on this high mileage vehicle?
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24 views and no responses, anyone? i would have posted this on but for some reason when i register it wont send me my password to my email, so this is my last resort
I'm sure that "last resort" thing doesn't help :p

I'd help you if I knew anything about parts/miles/resale value, but I'm 17 and the only thing I've ever sold is my '93 Suburban to a guy that mows lawns, for $1500 :-\

Someone here should be able to help you though.
150k miles is definitly a lot. if it feels alright driving though it should be alright considering the mods are pretty new. you might need to replace some engine parts but overall it should not be too bad. how much was he asking for?
since the car was probaby taken really good care of, and has many of the "problem" parts fixed I would offer him 6-7grand. It also depends on how the exterior looks.
good luck with that, it sounds nice
MKIV are good till bout 200k. though w/ the upgrades, that does put up extra wear and tear on the engine.

i would offer $6k

king of queens where u from.

if ur from the dc area, i know alot of guys are know everythin there is to know bout MKIV's. they are on vortex, if u ever get on there. PM or email. rico_arg
Maybe you can borrow the car from him for a day and take it to a place like Carmax and have them appraise it (they do it for free). You can base your offer on this.

150K is a lot, but I am pretty sure you can get another 50K out of the car if it was taken care of properly.
Problem Number 1: How many times has the timing belt been changed? If it hasn't been done at LEAST twice, the car could become very problematic.

Number 2: Has the water pump been changed?

Number 3: If it doesn't have the r32 kit, I wouldn't offer the guy over 7k for the car, plain and simple. Aftermarket parts can only account for a 10% increase in the value of the vehicle. IF they don't like it, tell them to pull the aftermarket parts off and put OEM ones back on. And seeing as how they don't have OEM parts, they are kinda SOL.

And Number 4: I'm glad you've decided to buy a real car. :) That Type-S would lose to almost any stock 1.8T GTi/Golf
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