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The dealer detailed and hand waxed mine before I took it off of the lot. I think that the waxing rule is mostly just for using a rotary waxer. When I worked at a detail shop we got an oops project from a paintshop accross the street. Some dumba$$ took a rotary waxer to a freshly painted hood. Most likely had only been cured for one day. We tried for the better part of a day by hand to fix it. Needless to say no amount of wax stripper or polish could buff all of the scratches and paint warp out. He had to repaint the hood out of his own pocket. Anyway, I digress, if a hard/liquid wax is applied by hand and you don't use excessive force to rub it on and buff it off you should be fine. On the safe side I used a spray on wax with a microfiber towel on my GTI. The microfiber towel to buff it off is very important. An old t-shirt is not microfiber and will create swirls even if the wax or polish says no swirling!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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