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VW GTI MKV 2009 - New Stereo - Canbus issues

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Hello all - I've never done any mods to my car before but trying to install a new stereo because my factor one had the screen cracked (still turns on, just display hard to read). When I hooked up the harness adapter and the new stereo, the stereo wouldn't turn on. I checked the voltage when speaking with Metra customer service and they had me check the CANBUS low and high voltage. Seems my low is approx .5 volts and high is 4.5 volts which is apparently way out of wack. Any suggestions on how to proceed? Do I get a new CANBUS or is there something I can do to fix it?

Some additional background - Stereo is ATOTO A6PF and harness is Metra XSVI-9003-NAV. Everything else in car is stock. I wired up the Metra harness to the ATOTO wiring, but to test it before soldering, I just twisted the wires and put heat shrink around the connections and taped the heat shrink. Any open wires I taped up. When I first installed and tried to turn on, no power to the new stereo. To troubleshoot I put back the old one and it still didn't turn on so I checked the fuse. Seems the stereo fuse in the hood of the car popped. Not sure if some wire slipped out and touched to cause a short/break the fuse but I just replaced the fuse. Now the old stereo works. So I try to reconnect the new stereo and it still doesn't work, fuse is fine. I swap between old stereo and new a few times and old one still works so I think power is good - but not sure why new stereo still doesn't work.

So thats when I call Metra customer services and have me check voltages. Yellow continuous voltage was fine, but red accessory power was in milivolts. So we checked CANBUS high and low coming straight from the car (connection between car wires and new harness). We get .5 volts on CANBUS low and 4.5 volts on CANBUS high. Rep says problem with car CANBUS and not the Metra harness/interface which seems to make sense.

So trying to figure out where to go from here without taking it to the dealership/mechanic to diagnose. I saw videos/guides on how to replace the CANBUS and saw I can order a new CANBUS on ebay. Will that solve my problem though? I'm not even sure which type of new CANBUS to get. Or maybe there is an easier fix? Try to disconnect red and black from battery and hold together to try to reset electronics (never tried this only read about it - does it even work in this situation)? Any help/tips from you guys would be appreciated.
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