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Volkswagen is looking to expand its performance offerings with more R, GT, and R-Line products.

Speaking at the 2017 L.A. Auto Show, Hendrik Muth, senior vice president of Product Marketing and Strategy, revealed that Volkswagen's appetite for aggressive design is strong.

Although he would not share details about which models are set to gain performance upgrades, he did reveal that the plan is to have an R-Line design package for every vehicle in the lineup.

The brand revealed the Tiguan R-Line at the 2017 L.A. Auto Show just this week. It joins the Atlas, the Passat, and the Beetle, which all have visual improvements in the bumpers and along the sides, but have no driveline upgrades. Now the trim is set to grow with the Jetta R-Line being shown shortly after the new model's premiere in January.

Muth's comments, though, suggest that the Golf - as it is in Europe - the Arteon - set for debut in 2018 - and the Touareg are in line for the R-Line treatment.

The GT trim, meanwhile, is a yet-to-be-released package for the Passat, which gives the V6 model much the same treatment as the R-Line, albeit with a little more spice. It will benefit from some suspension improvements, as well as a new tune to make acceleration feel more urgent.
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