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Volkswagen has revealed its updated Golf, set to go on sale in Europe in 2017 and in the U.S. in 2018.

Outside there are a few minor changes, but the real updates are happening to the infotainment system, which gets new, bigger screens, not that you even have to touch them now that you'll have gesture controls.

That's right, you too can live the dream of the future and pretend you're Tom Cruise in Minority Report. The generation 7.5 2018 Volkswagen Golf allows you to operate the car's gadgets by waving your hands like a conductor. So far, gesture control systems have been the reserve of the fanciest of luxury cars, but Volkswagen wants to be the first to offer the system in the compact class.

Not everything will be touchlessly operable, though, so new, bigger screens (up to 9.2 inches) are being added to the Golf, which do away with the physical buttons of the current generation. Instead, everything will be done through the touch-sensitive tablet-like screen in the center console.

Information won't be limited to the center console, though, as Volkswagen's Digital Cockpit will replace the conventional, analog dials (speedometer and tachometer) with digital versions.

Much like Audi's lauded Virtual Cockpit, the new instrument cluster features a 12.5-inch screen that can change the dial sizes to prioritize navigation or vehicle information.

Plugging your phone into the car won't be an issue anymore, either, as an inductive pad will allow you to charge and connect your phone to the car wirelessly.
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