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Interesting you mention 20 somthings.

About 6 months ago, I saw the new GTI for the first time. I wasn't paying attention or even looking to buy a new car, and I currently drive a Ford Ranger, because it's cheap, and at the time I was into that.

I was sitting at a light, rockin out in my Ranger and this United Gray 06 pulls up next to me, and I notice its exhaust sounded pretty sweet. The light turns green and that guy must have noticed me noticing his ride, because he hits the gas, lays a little patch, and just launches forward leaving me behind with the smell of tire stinging my nostrils.

It was just too cool, and I wanted one.

I'm 26, and make a 26 year old Crestron programmer type salary. Like many in my generation, I also had about $5000 of credit card debt. My fast motivated me. I dealt with my credit, and within three months, I had 0 debt and 100+ point boost to my credit score. Another three months later, after picking up some side work, pulling some over time, and just plain working my ass off, I have 3 grand in the bank. I'm about 3 more months out from having a 6 grand down payment, and I'll be sitting in my fast, patting myself on the back. When it's complete, this will be the first major purchase of my life where I set a goal, carefully planned, and deftly executed.

My point. I've found that ego and pride are powerful and useful tools in getting things done. I needed something that I desired to the point of obsession to overcome my inherent complacency.

My fast has made me a better man, and I don't even have it yet.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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