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Two years ago i went to Stage 2+ on my 2013 GTI and i had a lot of fun, but, as we all know, power comes with a price... damn CLUTCH!!!

The fact that i was not driving like i just stole the car, and was able to down shift and match the rev, i was able to save that OEM clutch. Even the guys at the tuning shop were surprised by how long i was able to keep the OEM DMF Clutch at Stage 2+.

The clutch started to slip on 5th and 6th gear under WOT. I also noticed that i was losing MPG and Torque.

I looked at various clutch options and forums for feedback but my local tuning shop in Orlando, FL suggested the SB Endurance for the clutch upgrade based on what i have in the car. I ordered the clutch through them and drop the car a day after it was delivered. Car was at the shop first thing in the morning and by 2pm they were all done. I also had an OEM short shifter and asked them to install it for me since i had a lot of issues trying to remove the original one before.

Small advice: don't force the removal of the OEM shifter if it is stuck. The shop mentioned that many people bring cars in because of some bad job done on the removal, parts break and it could affect other things in the end. So, if it does not come out... don't force it! They had to use a tranny tool to remove mine, they said the thing was stuck and i would most probably damage other parts by forcing it!!

Here's my feedback after the install.

First Impressions:
  1. F*ck Yeah!!!
  2. It is a different car. Finally i got the feel i was looking for
  3. Stiffer and shorter clutch feel
  4. Yes, it is heavier... but again we are comparing a very long and soft clutch to a performance clutch
  5. I love the feel of a 'drivers's car'... if i knew it before i would've done when i got Stage 2
  6. It revs way quicker
  7. It grabs like it should, transferring the power to the wheels
  8. You feel the car jumping as soon as you release the clutch
  9. I will start saving for new tires, now!
  10. you can definitely hear a little chatter, but again, i also have BSH Mounting Kit: Engine and Transmission + Dogbone insert. Yes, it will feel and hear more but you don't hear it with music on... all good
  11. The OEM short shifter is just perfect. The right amount of weight and shortage on the throw. Perfect for daily drivers

After 150 Miles:
  1. it sucks to drive the car at max 4,500 RPM
  2. You will get used to the pedal feel and weight in a matter of days
  3. The clutch now feels lighter, maybe i just got used to it
  4. it is hard to hold ground and keep an eye on the rev knowing that the car is quicker... oh boy...
  5. I googled a few forums about clutch break-in time and all forums mention that drivers who did not respect the break-in time had to install a new clutch within 5-10K miles after the upgrade. So, don't f up and hold your ground at 4K RPM. Otherwise you find yourself spending $1,500-$2,000 on a new clutch (w/ install of course) soon

Overall, i recommend the SB Endurance and OEM Short Shifter. One of the best mods i have done. On top of it, the shop updated my SW. The new APR SW (2.0) also adds ~30 ft/lbs of torque and also opens the mapping for launch control and no lift shift if you want to. Please note that those 2 new options will cost you an extra $75 each. I have not done it but i am thinking about the no lift shift. Anyone with that option installed already? Feedbacks???

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Just an update.

After 750 miles
1. Clutch is solid, a little rattling noise but you get used to it and start to ignore, if you don't like it just put the windows down and drive fast or crank the audio
2. Car feels faster... there is way better response and you can feel the power is giving
3. Economy... saving some gas, i don't know how but i assume the SMF spinning faster helps with that. i noticed a 2-3 MPG improvement
4. Revs up... no more time waste to hit that red line. Car revs quicker and the wheels chirp even in 3rd gear now... damn awesome
5. Overall satisfied and happy. You can definitely feel the difference and i got that smile back on my face after a nice upgrade

The only thing is, i might need to save for some other upgrades or a new care... i hate that feeling of not going fast after a few months of an upgrade.

right after upgrade = F1 car feel
a few months after the upgrade = Fiat car feel
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