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Wireless CarPlay is still scarce, but there is a way for existing CarPlay users to break free of wires inexpensively, and I have been testing it for months now.

This device connects to your car's USB port that is used for CarPlay. The vehicle then registers this as a CarPlay device. Your iPhone sees this new external receiver as a CarPlay device and will connect to it wirelessly.
What this amounts to in the end, at least today, is seamless, wireless CarPlay.

The CarPlay interface as it connects to your iPhone.
With the adapter installed, wireless CarPlay works like any other official solution. You get in the vehicle, as soon as it boots up, your phone will automatically connect to your infotainment system.

A new loading screen appears for a few moments as your phone connects. This is the one difference between this solution and an official solution.

Wireless CarPlay brings several benefits. Your iPhone's battery life gets displayed on your infotainment screen which leaves you free to keep the phone in your pocket or purse. Fiddly wires become a thing of the past.

Best of all, you can finally use a wireless charger. We hit the road often and have destroyed Lightning cables because a small amount of water has gotten on the pins. A bad Lightning cable means no CarPlay.
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