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Style of 17's vs. 18's

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I got my GTI with the 17's. If the same style had come in 18, I might have considered them. I'm a much bigger fan of the spoke look. I had other reasons to do with needing all weather tires, but how about everyone else? Spokes stock in 18? Do you prefer the rounder style of the 18's as they come with the GTI?
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i like the older style GTI rims with all the spokes. looks nice... and they look atleast 18"
Thalo said:
I think on red or white the Huffs look best but on black, grey or silver cars you need wheels a little less heavy looking and spokey.
agreed. i use to want to get some aftermarket 18" rims but the more i look at the 17" rims on my reflexive silver GTI the more i like them with the car... plus the cost of rims isnt very appealing either hah. anyone know any cheap sites to get some rims?
anyone know the bolt pattern on the 17" BBS style stock rims??? and also are they 17"x7"? i am trying to find the exact same size rims aftermarkets for "fun" purposes only and want to be able to flip flop the rims back and forth... so spoke pattern and size anyone?
Aldin20 said:
im keeping mine stockkk just geting some new tires for the 17's they the best
yeah. im lookin into wrapping mine with nitto 555r tires :).
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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