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Style of 17's vs. 18's

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I got my GTI with the 17's. If the same style had come in 18, I might have considered them. I'm a much bigger fan of the spoke look. I had other reasons to do with needing all weather tires, but how about everyone else? Spokes stock in 18? Do you prefer the rounder style of the 18's as they come with the GTI?
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... so spoke pattern and size anyone?
I assume you mean 'bolt pattern', which is 5-112. Size is 17x7.5.
I wish I could get some BBS rims. They are really nice, but too expensive. :'(
07FASTGTI said:
I think BBS needs to put out some Black Rims...theres too much chrome happening at BBS. mind you their rims are kickass, but id love to outfit my fast with some black all you see is the red calipers, looks too good.
That's what I'm talking about. I want some dark rims too. I don't think I want solid black, but I would like some nice dark gray / charcoal looking wheels. Anyway, I really like some of the wheels that Enkei makes. They are super light and look really good. The only problem is that most of their wheels don't fit my Fast.

Does anyone know how much the Hufs weigh?
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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