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So this is kinda an odd question, i do realize this could have been asked on a tire forum, but my relationship with fastgti is good. So here we go...

What do people think of studded tires for the winter? I have an option to get the same tire with or without studs for the same price. I have heard stories of people with studs not being able to stop very well on roads where no ice or snow exist. I live in Denver where on day its sunny, the next days there is 6"-10" of snow, not to mention the out of city driving through the mountains to go board. I have also heard that studs create a lot of vibration that puts strain on the car over time. I understand that if your getting winter tires your wanting them for the grip aspect not performance. So i would not expect to stop as well on winter tires stud or stud-less on pavement as something rated for performance.

6"-10" is not so bad, but plowed/packed/frozen and more snow over and over is not fun.

Thanks for your input!
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