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Hey, while I was ordering my H&R Sway Bars today at HM Motorsports we did a little more looking and measuring for a strut bar.

Since I chipped the 'ol RedRocket I get the sensation of a little floating when I'm am really on it and change lanes to pass. Nothing too terrible though.

Take a look at yours, there is really no room for one.

The good news is that the way they designed the frame lends itself to "joining/strengthening" the area between the two towers. The frame extends towards the center to where it meets the fire wall. Pretty cool design really...leave it to German Engineers 8)


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mygreyfast88 said:
put a better suspension on for those tight turns with all that power.

i mean your car cant be as fast as an ss cobalt and theyre suspendion isnt all that great...

The suspensoin is great thanks to the guys at STAsIS ;D. I did just add an H&R rear sway bar today and want to tighten the front up just a tad.

Is Chevy still selling the Cobalt SS? ??? :p
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