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Stock Market

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Who hear plays the market? It's enough to give you a heart attack lately with the ups and downs.

I did buy some VW (VLKAY) and made 20% on it. Just sold it to cover some other loses though while I still had money on the table.

If you got something you think is worth a look let me hear it. Extra money to spend on the car is always a good thing.
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Invest in India.

2nd fastest growing economy in the world, China is #1, but it's tapped out.

I have stock in Tata Motors (TTM) and I plan to keep it for about 10 years and quadruple my investment. I also just lost a heap of money in an energy finding company (EGYF.PK).

Markets have been rough the past few weeks and I'm in the red for the first time, I wish I had some cash on hand to buy while it's low.

Anybody know anything about FOREX? A friend of mine dabbles and made a lot of money recently, I don't really know how it works.
If you're looking for something that pays good dividends regularly, look into PBT. Cheap buy right now.
Depending on how the market goes the next 2 months, I may or may not be upgrading my car.

Let's pray for a big upswing.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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