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I had a strange issue arise earlier this evening with my 2011 GTi with KESSY system. The KESSY system and push-button start rarely work anymore so for the past couple of years I have been starting the car by holding the fob next to the button, which triggers it to start. Today, when I started my car it ran for a second then died, then a steering wheel warning light popped on with the messages "check engine" and "turn steering wheel". When I tried to start the car again nothing happened. Trying again I got the same messages of "check engine" and "turn steering wheel" but it didn't even try to start. So I turned the wheel a full turn back and forth several times while trying to start the car and it finally cranked over, started, and ran fine after. I was able to get home and haven't tried to start it again since because it was getting late.

Has anyone else had this or a similar experience? Any idea what's happening here? I assume it's something to do with the electronic steering wheel lock being on its way out, but wanted to check if anyone else has had this experience or thoughts on this issue before I just start throwing money at it.

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