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So I'm a gamer, right?

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Like hardcore, have been for years.

As such, I bought an Xbox 360 on launch day (waited outside in the freezing rain for 6 hours, too). But last week I decided that a plain old 360 isn't right for me. I need to do something to make it stand out from the rest. I wanted to have the Xbox that other people could only wish they had. And with that in mind, I started surfing the web for things I could do to make mine special. Now, I'd seen people cut windows in theirs, but I'm way too cool to just have a rectangular window in the side of my rig. So I wracked my brain to come up with something super-rad. Since I'm a Star Wars nerd (my dog's name is Leia and my license plate says "1mpr1al"), I decided that the Imperial symbol would look sweet as hell carved into the side of my Xbox. So after much planning and scheming to come up with the perfect design and layout, this is what I ended up with:

I'm taking it over to my buddy's house tomorrow to paint it. I'll post some more pics when all that is done.

Edit: About a week after launch, I got a plain white faceplate from a friend of mine. I turned it into this:

The rest of the 'box will match that color scheme.
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23 hours?

Nice. I slept from 8 to about 11 the night before then got to Target about midnight since the line there was the shortest. At 6am they handed out tickets, then I came back at 8 to pick it up, took it home, hooked it up, and promptly passed out in the middle of the PDZ intro cinematic.
germanelite said:
Gamers of MFG unite! All hail the plastic box of power that somehow weighs more than it should. Much like the GTI. Coincidence? Probably. Been glued to playing Oblivion for months now and with the rain we're having right now I think I'm about to start it up again. D4mn New England weather.
New release for Oblivion today. Prey was pretty lame. 10 years to make, 8 hours to beat. Chromehounds, on the other hand, is freakin awesome!
With the impending release of Gears of War in just a few hours (1930 EST), this thread needs a revival.

Let's see... Lately I've been into F.E.A.R. and playing through some classic Xbox games. And I've repainded my 360 faceplate black instead of the dark blue it was. The 360 itself will be next as soon as I can pull myself away from it long enough to do that.

With all the new members recently, there has to be a few that are gamers. Make your presence known, gentlemen (and, however unlikely, ladies).
deviltailedfast said:
I still have my WOW subscription and account. Haven't played in like 4 months, and just saw my CC get dinged for it today. Can't decide if I want to go play again, or just cancel the thing. I know WOW is probably old school to the hardcore, but thought I'd share. I just couldn't do the grrrrind anymore!

For the love of all things holy, DO NOT go back. Sell of your character(s), cancel your account, uninstall it from your PC, and use Bex's shotgun to get rid of the disc.

I've personally seen that game destroy lives. Not that these people had any real lives to begin with, but that's not the point!
BexSoCal said:
Dear Dr. Jones,
Very nice mods to your 360. Very Cool! I am envious. Sadly I gave up my launch day reservation to a friend so her son would have one for Christmas. Now that Gears of War is out I am gonna have to finally get a 360 of my own.

However, speaking of mods, I recently turned my Remington 870 into a beautiful Tactical Scattergun,

Awesome. Though I'll be honest, I don't really see the point in putting a flashlight on that. Unless you're, you know, SWAT or planning a heist or something. The farthest I've gone is putting a Hogue on my USP Compact. Best investment ever, though.

Also, I'm surprised that none of the modifications you made violated one of California's Draconian gun laws. That's one of the reasons I was more than happy to move the hell out of there. But hey, at least you guys still have a Republican governor...

I tried out the .45 before I went with the .40, though. But with that short-ass barrel, the recoil was too much.

You post inspired me to look up shotguns. I'm currently mulling over ordering a Benelli M4. We'll see what things look like when I get my tax return...
Thalo said:
You can legally carry a concealed handgun in California and you call those laws draconian? Try Canada. I don't even personally know anybody who owns a gun of any sort.
The hoops you have to jump through to get a concealed carry permit in CA ar re-goddamn-diculous. As opposed to Virginia where a flash of my military ID, $60, and 20 minutes of paperwork got me my permit.
deviltailedfast said:
OK, OK, I'll go shut it down. ;)
Good man.
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