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snow tires

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Hello, I understand this is not a problem everyone here has to think about, but here it goes:

I live in Canada, and we have a lot of snow. This is why I asked my dealership where I will buy my GTI from (delivery this december) which tires I should buy / he has in stock. This is what he told me:

- Nokian4 17inch (so on original rim)(310$CAN each)
- Nokian 4 16inch (on a new rim + cap)(1230$CAN)
- Pirelli Carving 16inch (new rim +cap)(980$CAN)

This is my first vehicule I buy brand new, and the first time I have to look for winter tires.

What would you guys recommend?
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GTfly said:
not bad not bad. ill will check them out.
What do you need winter tires for in Florida?
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