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I have a mk5 gti with DSG trans. (Stage 2 software, 3"catless dp, K&N typhoon, GFB dv+)

it has done about 180,000 km.. well the problem i'm having is that under full throttle redline shifts, there is a delay between the gearshifts, and you hear the DV sound (pishh) between the gearshifts, if i'm not at full throttle and shift at the redline, (80% throttle) there is a dsg fart and no lag at all , very smooth.

I have a intake manifold stuck open fault code, but i've been told it could be caused by the PCV valve so i went ahead and changed it today, couldn't test it because it's quite rainy here,

Can the pcv cause the shifting issue??

there's a youtube link to the slow shift , once from inside the car showing the rpm once from outside..

Thanks in advance!
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