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Si salesman mad!

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Pulled up beside a Honda salesman with a customer on a test drive yesterday. I guess the salesman thought his Si was faster than the GTI. He had the customer rev'in the engine and was waving at us like they were going to leave me sitting there. It reminded of the idiot in the hopped up civic in the new gti test drive with the female german engineer. From redlight to redlight I smoked the Si all three times. The salesman was so mad he put his hand out the window and shot me the bird. ;D ;D ;D
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All I know is I like the gti because: It'll outrun the si civic with minimal mods, the gti isn't the top of the line for the golf body like the si is for the civic and the price reflects that, interior is much nicer and more refined, tq, responds better to mods, turbo>vtec, lsd, finally if you put equal money into both the gti will walk on the si, I'm not saying that the si isn't in the same class or an inferior car, but I'm confident that my gti will walk on most si's out there and including the cost of the car I've invested much less than 11k
i had a similar run in theres a honda dealer on a hill and the salesmen has seen me round the area and so he had this guy testing a si brake and wait up for me...i guess to show him how fast it was or something haha when i was even with him i just slid it into 2nd and waved.
I will never buy a civic nor have any of my children buy one. If they do come home with there civic they will be sleeping in it.
81 - 84 of 84 Posts
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