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Si salesman mad!

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Pulled up beside a Honda salesman with a customer on a test drive yesterday. I guess the salesman thought his Si was faster than the GTI. He had the customer rev'in the engine and was waving at us like they were going to leave me sitting there. It reminded of the idiot in the hopped up civic in the new gti test drive with the female german engineer. From redlight to redlight I smoked the Si all three times. The salesman was so mad he put his hand out the window and shot me the bird. ;D ;D ;D
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hahaha... yeah my bad my head feels like i am 6 feet under right now. i am so tired and toasted today that it took me a few seconds to remember how to turn my car on hah :-\
PS: im too wasted in my florida school to learn anything anyways >:D
Bboy AJ said:
I'll take RWD over FWD any day of the week. Too bad the GTI isn't RWD, that would've been great.
yeah the FWD gets kinda annoying sometimes like when you need to make a fast turn from a dead stop and the wheels jump :-\. would be nice to have the AWD like the R32 >:D
GTEYE said:
As the owner of a Civic, I am glad to share no one is missing out!
I am on my way to the VW dealership as I type this, getting ready to jump into a GTI.
Don't get me wrong, the Civic is a great car, if you like Hondas. But its boring, and when I say boring, I mean boring. It has a little soul above 6000rpm, but nothing sing about. Thats why I need a GTI, I need a little soul, and something to sing about.
haha. and thats coming from a civic owner ;D
1 - 6 of 84 Posts
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