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Si salesman mad!

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Pulled up beside a Honda salesman with a customer on a test drive yesterday. I guess the salesman thought his Si was faster than the GTI. He had the customer rev'in the engine and was waving at us like they were going to leave me sitting there. It reminded of the idiot in the hopped up civic in the new gti test drive with the female german engineer. From redlight to redlight I smoked the Si all three times. The salesman was so mad he put his hand out the window and shot me the bird. ;D ;D ;D
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Amy31415 said:
I'm a former Civic Si driver.
I feel very sorry for you. ::) :p
lumns said:
everytime i see one my mouth waters, hopin i get to skool it. it never happens though, i raced a regular civic and kicked its ass
I just love keeping "pace" with them, when they are thinking they are neck and neck- then just pull a car length or two away to prove my point. >:D If the Si had some torque and a DSG, I think it would make a killer daily driver.
134GTI said:
<snip>the car.i wounder if the sales guy <snip> <--- has a free spell checker built in to it. O0 :)
HoldDaMayo said:
Yesterday, i turned off traction control for the first time... 1st gear was insane, driving at 5mph then flooring it and the wheels just light up... shifting from 1st to 2nd was a wheel spinning extravaganza. Then of couse, i turned the traction control back on because tires aren't cheap and i don't need to be abusing my poor fast like that ;)
;D :D ;D

I've spun the wheels in third with the ESP off. :)
1 - 4 of 84 Posts
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