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just a general question. This is a VW Golf GTI Forum right? Is the autobahn package worth it? I'm thinking of buying one and I'm not sure if I should save the money or go all out for the autobahn. Your response is appreciated.


p.s. I'm from Ontario
I had a 2020 GTI SE and traded it in on a 2022 Autobahn. Made reason was the auto climate control was not on my 2020. Drove me crazy and dangerous keeping adjustments of fan speed and temp settings. Knobs I don't miss. I'm 80 years old and have the money to pay the extra $5,000 for the autobahn. I did not like the wheels and kept the after market wheels I had on my SE. No exactly sure what the current SE has but I think the Autobahn is worth the extra money. On "you tube"" there is a video that make a case that the S is the best deal because they added a lot of the features to it. If you are in Onterio Canada and not Ontario California, you may have some differences in the items on each model. For whatever it is worth, I don't have any problems with the new infotainment system. It could be better but it is like being introduced to a computer back in the 80s. It will do things in more than one way and so many things that it may be a little hard to find the thing you want. I love my new car. I have owned many special cars in my life and this is my favorite, email me direct or here if you have and spcial questions that I will be happy to answer. I'm in Michigan. Order my 2022 in Oct and got it in April. Still working on figuring out haw POIs in the Nav system work, the widgets, Voice cammands and radio. It is a computer with a car built around it. Terry
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