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Shift Points?

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kind of an eye opener... still better than the civic si tho!

And another thing, does this mean shift points need to be more in the 4500 range? Since it seems to drop off after that??? When do you all shift during a "streetlight shootout?"
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Gunny said:
I can hardly wait to see what kinda of negative feedback I get on this one, being that I am asking guys talking about shift points, but... What about launch control and the Automatic. the auto is a bit faster off the line. do you regret not getting auto in your GTI?
Hell no. ;D I think I'd rather pull my leg hairs out one by one than drive this car in an auto ::) When my dealer told me all they had was automatic GTIs, I turned and walked out.
Gunny said:
I actually agree. Something is just not right about an auto in a sports car. On the other hand, I watched a video where the auto not only beat the stick, but smoked it.
Maybe the driver of the stick ???
Personally, if I wanted a dragster I would have gotten a Charger or a Mustang or a GTO or something like that. I purchased a GTI because I like to dance with my car in the twisty roads and I like to do the shifting myself. Whether or not an auto could truly smoke a stick or not is pretty much irrelevant to me anyway.
Gunny said:
I have always said I wanted a fast, quick car that is fun and comfortable to drive. You have said the same, but why is it then that on all of the posts MKV vs XYZ, 0 - 60 and 1/4 times are the focus? Are we a silent majority?

Shouldn't you be studying?
Are you talking to me? ...Studying? Yes, I think we are the silent majority. Maybe its just more difficult to talk "specs" on handling. Its much easier to throw around times and the drag strip and 0-60 times, etc.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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