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SEMA '06

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Peep these two from SEMA in scenic Las Vegas:


VW (Neuspeed) Thunder Bunny

Thoughts? Personally, the R GTI seems a bit impractical for the road, but I guess 355hp would be nice...
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Re: Satans GTI

dude im pretty sure everyone's seen this car, but cool site.
kryptonkid07 said:
I want some rims like those, but not exactly. You know? Even on the huffs... I want the inside to be red. If you notice the very front (face of the huffs) is a silverish color, but on the inside it's darker gray. I'd rather the gray be red.
are you serious? maybe like a red stripe on the edge would be sick, but the whole inside red would make the car look like it was on pimp my ride
dont forget 50 lcd screens displaying xzibit music videos everywhere.

but i think like a red strip along the edge would be sick, then paint the front of it black.

or maybe the whole thing black with the red strip on the edge.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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