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Some of you may have noticed from my avatar that the great Parnelli Jones is one of my biggest idols. So to say I was pleasantly surprised to read about the announcement of a Steve Saleen modified Parnelli Jones edition Ford Mustang would be an understatement. This vehicle is a celebration of Jones' 1970 SCCA Boss Mustang racecar.

Steve Saleen, as you may know, owns a company that's known for not only turning stock Fords into true, modern muscle cars, as well as producing the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, the fastest production vehicle made here in America.

Parnelli Jones, in addition to being one of my personal heroes, was the inspiration behind the Mustang Boss 302 due to several wins in the '70s using the Boss 302 engine. He was also known for his Baja wins in the legendary Big Ole Bronco (those who have seen the original Gone in 60 Seconds know what I'm talking about).

Saleen's website has the details about this awesome piece of American automotive engineering.

Somebody loan me $62,000. I'm good for it...
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