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Sad Day

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So I'm at the gas station gassing up and about to go through that quick wash thing when I get a call. It's my mom telling me to get home as soon as I possibly can, my sister just called her and said she fell down the stairs and thinks she broke her arm. I closed my gas cap get in my car as soon as I can. I have to turn around to get to my street, so I'm making the U-turn in the gas station and quickly as I can and I hit the damn fucking post next to the station because I cut it in too close. FUCK! I can't worry about this right now though because I have to get home to my ailing sister. Well after going about 130 on the tollway to get home, it turns out she just fell on her wrist and it's not really broken, it just hurt really bad, she's only 10 so I can't blame her for it, but it really pisses me off that I hit that post.

I'm gonna go to the dealership tomorrow and hopefully they'll take care of it for me. It really just needs some touch up paint and a little buff.
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That sucks dude, but you acted accordingly, bravo. Those posts are there to make sure people don't run into the machines themselves, avoiding explosions and such.

And haha, that station says "Che".
That sucks. Good luck with the fix.

On the highway going about 100mph, a box fell out of a truck as i was passing it and hit the drivers front quarter panel. I almost cried and pulled over right away. :'(

No damage, just some scuff marks that my buddy at the car wash buffed out for me. ;D

Note to self, do not blink and drive. ;)
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