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HAHAHAHA, you gotta be kidding me.
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In all honesty, I'll jump on Ford's side here. I was the proud owner of a 2004 SVT focus for a couple years. Great little car, not quick off the line (0-60 in 7.5 or so), but once the engine was wound up above 5K and you were on a fun road, it's a tough car to beat on the fun factor. Fabulous handling and braking, with a great six speed. Great interior quality too and the exhaust had an awesome little rally-esque backfire. The car was more Euro than a lot of people realize. Everything on the damn car was metric and it really didn't drive like a domestic at all. I traded it in for my ex wife. EX being the key word there:) Now it's back to the hot hatch thing with the GTI, but I'll always respect and love the SVT focus.
Of course it got it's ass whooped. Look at the numbers guys. 170 hp and 145 ft/lbs. That's why the SVT only lasted 4 years. It couldn't keep up with the hot hatch market over here. Now the Focus RS, which is in Europe is more along the right lines. AWD and Boosted up to 2 hundred some-odd hp. The SVT Focus will get it's ass handed to it off the line by a GTI any day, but it's a car deisigned for twists and turns, not street racing.
SVT went on hiatus for the model year 06 because the F-150 (Lightning) and the Mustang (Cobra) got facelifts on the base models. The GT-500 is due out for 07 all I've seen for the new Lightning is some concepts. Not even sure if the new Cobra or Lightning will have the SVT badge actually. No plans to bring back a souped up Focus back stateside, but like I said, the Euro Focus RS is a mean little AWD sucker that they still make.
And on one final note, I do believe the Focus teams have been for more competitive in the WRC than any offerings VW or Skoda have thrown in the mix the last 6 years.
1 - 4 of 47 Posts
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