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HAHAHAHA, you gotta be kidding me.
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DrJones said:
walkerwhippet said:
Of course it got it's ass whooped. Look at the numbers guys. 170 hp and 145 ft/lbs. That's why the SVT only lasted 4 years. It couldn't keep up with the hot hatch market over here. Now the Focus RS, which is in Europe is more along the right lines. AWD and Boosted up to 2 hundred some-odd hp. The SVT Focus will get it's ass handed to it off the line by a GTI any day, but it's a car deisigned for twists and turns, not street racing.
Technically, the reason the SVT Focus only lasted four years here is because SVT was disbanded. Saleen made a modified Focus called the N2O which, as the name would imply, came factory with a 10lb bottle of NOS that made 250hp.
i never heard of that focus... when did it come out??? and what did SVT get "disbanded" for
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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