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Rod East Volkswagen
1402 N E Loop 410 Expressway
San Antonio, TX 78209
Fax: (210) 828-4324
Service & Parts: 1.800.481.6414
New & Used Car Sales: 1.800.481.2860

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I'm a police officer and have been for 8 years. My 2003 VW Jetta broke down with clutch problems recently. Disabled, so I towed my vehicle to Rod East Volkswagen expecting fast friendly service. NOPE! The service managers told me in order to just diagnose the problem it would cost me $650.00. Yeah! Not $65.00 ...$650.00! In addition, they tried to swindle me into a brand new clutch assembly at $2000.00 for a total of $3200.00! Fortunately I am not a sucker. I called a couple VW specialists and found another certified specialist. I told Rod East that I was taking my vehicle to a different location. ROD EAST intentionally avoided me. They would not give me my vehicle and continued to stall. Not going to lose this battle I called the head manager and ordered him to release my vehicle. Furthermore, I personally spoke with another service manager there and he said, "Yeah, we over charge people all the time." He then said, "I'd recommend taking your vehicle somewhere else." Eventually they released my vehicle and I spent a total of $750.00 replacing the clutch and was NOT CHARGED $650.00 like Rod East wanted.
In summary, Rod East Volkswagen is nothing more than thieves and liars and please take heed when dealing with them. I feel sorry for the countless number of victims that they have preyed on and already conned and swindled. I hope this review will warn those to come.
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