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Road Trip

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The car:
A friend of mine is getting a black 2003 E55 tomorrow, he's going to do a Kleeman stage 1 upgrade (515 hp, 575 lb ft torque), black out the chrome grill, get the E63 bumper, black rims, black taillights etc. EXTRAORDINARILY awesome car.

The destination:
California. He lives in Austin, I live in Dallas. I want to take a friend to Austin, spend the night in Austin and leave the next day. The three of us are still undecided as to how we want to do it, so here's a couple ideas; 1. we spend most of the day in Austin, leave at around 4 in the afternoon and head NONSTOP all the way to LA 4-5 hour driving shifts, roughly a 20 hour drive, depending on our speed >:D. 2. leave Austin earllllyyyy like 4 am and drive 10 hours to Santa Fe NM, spend the night there and then next day take another 10 hour trip through arizona to LA.
Once we get to LA, we want to spend 4-5 days on the coast between LA and San Francisco, hitting the beaches etc. After this we planned on driving back through the deserts of northern Nevada, through Salt lake city utah, down to denver colorado and then back to austin (last leg is 14 hours).

Has anyone done a hardcore 10-14 day road trip like this before? How would you recommend splitting up the drives? Any scenic routes we should take or any sites to see?? Any ideas or info would be greatly appreciated.
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I'll do it for $1.
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