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Thought I'd create an entertaining thread, did a search and saw something about "Jesus drives a ricer" but it hadn't been developed. Just want this to be a place where people can post photos of riced vehiculars they've either seen on the road, or are just too ridiculous not to post. Go! Sorry if this has already been created and I was just blind.

I'll get the ball rolling...

Totes true hp gains

Automotive parking light Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

Ehm, what?

Wheel Automotive parking light Car Tire Automotive side marker light

This is what all them hp gains get cha

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle Car

A pipe for each cylinder that V10 emblem emanates

Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Tire Grille

Don't know what the f that is, but thought I'd post it. Is it a Priodge? Or a Dodius?

Car Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Tire


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