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Hello, I am looking for some help in regards to the Revo manual SPS switch for my GTI mk 5.

I have just recently had my GTI revo'ed to stage 1 and I am interested in getting the SPS switch for more control over the software, but i have some questions regarding this:

If for fun sake I want to revert back to stock to compare stock vs stage 1 i would use setting 1 on the device but if i want to go BACK to my map what setting do I use??

I was told that performance mode 1 is 91 Octane. Performance mode 2 is 93 Octane and Performance mode 3 is for Race fuel (100). Is this correct?

I was told by my dealer when he did stage 1 that I can only use v-power (which I use anyway) so I presume he set it up as the highest setting, so once I revert back to stock mode will it either be performance 2 or 3 that I THEN go back to?

Sorry if this is confusing but i am really interested to do a Stock vs stage 1 test again.

p.s I am looking to go stage 2 pretty soon too!

Many thanks!
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