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resale value

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I'm thinking of getting the car in a few months, but i might have to relocate in about two and a half three years, maybe to some place that dosen't require a car.. say nyc or dc. so i was wondering what a prediction on the resale value might be on the car in a few years... with say... 45k miles
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I don't think there is any real way to tell except to look at the average depreciation of other VW's in the past. I was recently rear ended and am working with an adjuster on a diminished value claim to recover loss of value, and trust me, it is not easy on this car.. None of the insurance companies have it in their databases, they had to do a repair quote using the costs of parts on a 05 GTI. So, you wont find a resale value on this car until probably next year. If you want to look at the trade in value, go to a dealership or carmax and get a quote, but that obviously not be the way to sell..
why dont you just lease the car for a few years then? then you wont have to worry about it
LUKE said:
Buy a Carolla
if yer not over 65 you should not even talk about Carollas haha
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