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Replacement Tires

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In the Popped Tire Didn?t Notice thread, someone ( I think it was GranTourismoInection) mentioned that his replacement tire was going to cost $512. I have paid under $250 for one directional racing tires before. Is he for real? Is that the going rate? I do not need new tires yet, but cannot see paying that for each. So, IF he is not talking out of his ass, what are good alternative tires that any of you have used on a GTI. If it helps, I have 18" Huffs.

Please keep your responses to actual experience. I have had my fill of: "Don?t get brabd X, they suck.", or "Don?t get brand Y, they are made in Afganistan.". The advice that flows the free-est on here, comes from people that are clueless about what you are talking about in the first place.
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Thanks. How is the performance?

My brother has a shop near you in Ft. Pierce (Cason?s).
The full of hsit comment was more in general than pointed at you. I am just sick of advice from people that clearly do not know what they are talking about. My fovorite had to be "Dude just sue them under the lemon law" for a second time occurance of an issue with someones car. "You could get a new GTI out of it". They have heard of lemon law, and it is easy to tell someone else to do it. Not as easy in the real world, and that happens to be where I spend most of my time.

As for the tire. AHHHHHHHHHH, Canadian $. That is better. Still not great, but better.

Again, did not mean to call you out indiviudually, but you did sound out there a bit.
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