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Replacement Tires

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In the Popped Tire Didn?t Notice thread, someone ( I think it was GranTourismoInection) mentioned that his replacement tire was going to cost $512. I have paid under $250 for one directional racing tires before. Is he for real? Is that the going rate? I do not need new tires yet, but cannot see paying that for each. So, IF he is not talking out of his ass, what are good alternative tires that any of you have used on a GTI. If it helps, I have 18" Huffs.

Please keep your responses to actual experience. I have had my fill of: "Don?t get brabd X, they suck.", or "Don?t get brand Y, they are made in Afganistan.". The advice that flows the free-est on here, comes from people that are clueless about what you are talking about in the first place.
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If you want an accurate price estimate on new tires just go to Tire Rack or Discount Tire Direct. Here you'll find a good variety of brands, performance levels, and prices.

Why ask someone else and take the chance that they are full of shit when you could just do the research yourself?
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