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Reliable Cars

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I talk to people all the time saying a certain import is the most reliable car on the market. WTF are these people smoking? I sold them. I had all kinds of problems with these cars. I really think it is hilarious when someone tells me they had one of these imports and it is the most reliable cars on the planet and VW has tons of problems. First off, this "reliable" car doesn't have shit on it. I sold Kia Rios and "they" were more reliable than nearly every car I ever sold. But, They didn't have crap on them. Most of the ones I sold didn't even have power steering or A/C?

Vedubs have more systems on board than the other car has features. When was the last time you saw an entry level "reliable" car that had abs, esp, asr, brake assist, dual deployment air bags, disc brake wipers, tilt and telescoping steering wheel, electromechanical power steering and/or even 12 way adjustable seats. By the way all of those things are standard on a Value Edition Jetta.

Most "Reliable" manufactures sell mainly LX's and CE's that don't have squat on them. Not to mention these customers don't really expect a lot out of their car. Basic transportation, as long as it runs every day and gets them to work and back it's considered reliable, to these people it doesn't matter if you live or die on the way as long as you're reliable.
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Ever heard of the saying "If it's not broke it doesn't have enough features"
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