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Dragon said:
dmclone said:
You're correct on some budget cars but some of the most reliable cars made are also some of the most complex. The Lexus LS430 has been the most reliable car for the last 15 years and it has a ton of complex systems/electronics.

As far as the Kia, I believe it may be the most unreliable car made according to these surveys.

I've heard that the newest reliability ratings(JD power) are going to be changed to focus more on these complex systems.
So, may I ask, what cars have you sold that are safest for it's occupants in a collision? ;)
The best passenger car (excluding SUV's and Trucks) I have seen in a collision was an 04 VW beetle. It T-boned a 2005 Nissan Maxima. Both people in the Nissan got to meet St. Peter. The driver of the VW was just upset about the accident, other than that, not a scratch. I would swear that she could have driven her banged up car away if the local PD didn't impound it for the pending fatal accident investigation.

I was impressed.
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