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I just got my 03 Gti 3 months ago. Its The Best investment i have ever made.


When i start it, it sounds broken...Rattling untill its warm. The more Gas i give the louder the rattle.

Dealer ship trip #1.

"Its normal" -went home curious.

Dealership trip #2

"Its the secondary air pump...its have to let it warm up." -i bought some all weather GTI mats and went home less satisfied but with the smell of new VW ruber under my feet.

Dealershit trip #3

"We will check it out again"
"We replaced your cam adjuster, the problem is solved."
-they drove my car around to me, shut it down and let me start it to show me it was fixed.
-next morning...CHHERRRRKKKCKLAAACK!!! (some extra whirring from the starter motor getting stuck for a second)
-i cussed and pushed foreward on the steering wheel so hard i broke the lumbar in my seat.

**Does anyone know what the heck the rattling is?!!!**
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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