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Ranks and Karma

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Karma -every member has the ability to applaud or smite another member for a post or comment. This allows someone to judge whether the information that person wrote to be accurate or junk. If someone is posting misinformation, junk posts or just plain lies, it will usually show up in their karma. If they consitently write informational posts that other members believe to be benifitial and true they will have positive karma. This helps you to "read between the lines" and to determine how much weight you want to put in that person's words.

Ranks, The more posts you make, the higher you will move up in rank. Everyone starts out as a newbie, I did too. Once you make enough posts, you will move up in rank. I just set it down to 10. Again, this gives weight to a member's post. The reason I'm lowering the number for rank is I think you don't have to post a lot to have high quality.

If you have any other questions, Please let me know. I'll be glad to answer them. Also if you have any suggestions on making better, I'm open for discussion. This is your forum. It belongs to the members. You, make this site not me.

I've changed the Ranking a little, I really hated being called a newbie so after 10 posts you will move up to JR. Member. This is the new ranking system as of 3-8-06 if you have any questions, please PM or email me at : [email protected] Thank You.

Newbie 0
Jr. Member 10
Full Member 50
Sr. Member 100
Hero Member 250
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It was being abused and hurting people's feelings.
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