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I've had a US model 2007 GTI, here in Germany, for a couple of months now, and absolutely love it, except for the radio. The "Premium Sound System" for this model is made for use in the US. So - XM satellite isn't available, and AM radio (yes - a few of us still listen to AM radio) can't be properly tuned. Since channels are spaced in the US at 10khz apart, and in Europe at 9khz that means that there are times when a particular channel that you want just can't be tuned in. In Germany the US forces broadcast at 873, 1107, and 1143 khz. The closest I can tune them is 870, 1110, and 1140, respectively. AM radio sounds bad enough when it's tuned in, but unlistenable when it's not. When I asked VW about this (usually there's a switch on the radio itself) they essentially told me to buy a new radio. To me this is just plain short-sightedness. FM radio's ok, and the cd/mp3 changer works fine. I didn't get the ipod adapter for it, because I didn't see myself buying an ipod in the future (got one now, though).
I checked with Crutchfield about getting a replacement radio, but I'd lose the in-dash cd changer. Is there still a harness for a changer in the back of the MKV? They do have a JVC that supposedly has "european tuning," but I can't find out if that's only FM, or if that includes AM tuning as well. I'm making a big deal over the use of AM radio, but it just seems stupid that I can't access it. If we had the old analog-turn-the-knob-to-tune-in-the-channel type radio then it wouldn't be an issue.

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i dont know about the radio situation, but as for the Ipod, you can buy an auxilary cable (i picked one up for like 10-20 dollars)
and in your glove box there should be a white rectangular piece in the top right hand corner closest to you. plug the ipod into the cable, and press CD twice and AUX should pop up...and youre on your way...hope this helps ;D

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Nothing like replying to my own message :-\, but I'm sure that one of you knows (or more). I've already discussed my problems using the US radio & XM sat over her in Germany. Can I just swap out head units between the US and German models? Or, do I haveta spend additional moolah to buy a new cd changer as well? I want to keep the interior of the car as authentic as possible.

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when/if you find out what you can do i would like to see what the answer is on that do not have my new 07 gti yet but i am picking it up next week and i am over here in germany too i am in katterbach


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Believe it or not - I'm still suffering from the same problem that I started this thread with. A friend - a real GTI/R32 wiz told me that I could use a vag-com to switch from US to Euro and the radio would follow suit. For those of you wondering... NOT! My instrument panel reflects the change from miles to km, but the AM radio still insists it's in the US. There is no US/Eur selection for the radio in the vag-com - only volume/balance adjustments. If someone knows something I don't please tell me. Here's another question - if I replaced the head unit on the car, would I still be able to use the in-dash cd changer, or would I have to replace everything and move the changer out of the dash? My preference would be to leave the changer alone.

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acpiper, I actually work for AFN here in Italy and we broadcast on FM106.0 (Regular AFN music) and FM107.0 (Powernet-AM in Germany) I think this kind of answers your question below. However as far as I know the cd changer is built into the head unit, not a seperate device in the dash. I think you could replace with a German VW radio that also has a cd changer. I don't know what features the German unit might have though. Let me/us know what you find out. Also did you get vag-com help from someone in Germany? I am interested if so. Let me know if you need more info, I have DSN.

Re: Euro Head Unit Frequency
Originally Posted by randyaxion
Looking for European VW stock head unit/stereo for MKV GTI 2009
I would like to receive both the odd and even frequencies on my radio. I am an American Soldier stationed in Italy and our military broadcast is on 106.0 and 107.0 the American head unit can only receive 105.9, 106.1, 106.3 etc. The European ones can tune in to both odd and even frequencies. Does anyone know if it's possible to change the frequency by using certain button combination.
Thanks for any help you can give me.
PS. I actually lose sleep waiting for my new GTI to arrive.

If it were available, you would adjust the radio for those frequencies by changing the country setting in the instrument cluster controller using VAG-COM. The Premium 7 HU does not offer this adjustment

Many US owners operate with country set to UK (GB) or Europe (EU). Among other things, it permits FTP lights with hi-beams which won't work in US country setting.

The US version MFD 2 DVD Navigation head unit DOES adjust to accommodate EU even decimal FM frequencies. Adjusts to AM frequency spacing used in the EU as well. Wish there was some way I could switch just AM & FM to US and maintain the EU settings elsewhere - but its all or none. The euro frequency adjustment on the MFD 2 DVD radio when listening in USA affects AM search (completely useless) and FM search (degraded). I am sure it would work great over there.

The Premium 7 HU owners have posted the frequencies don't change on their HUs.
I operate a US spec GTI with instrument cluster country set to EU. Here are my observations on what has changed.

---- Effects on US market car with instrument cluster country set to EU

Flash To Pass lamps may be illuminated with hi-beam.
Door open chime operation is changed (no key in ignition chime anymore - I like, ymmv).
Seat belt chime operation is changed (MFD nag screen still there, but no chime until you hit 10 mph without seat belt fastened, and then it chimes forever until belt fastened, no time out).
Single side parking light via turn signal stalk is enabled.
FM RDS display is added to MFD.
Factory Nav ( MFD2 DVD, 2006-2008 ) completely disables nag screen :happyanim:
Factory Nav radio frequency divisions are adjusted, screws with AM pretty bad, FM not so much, sat not at all.
Factory Nav AM and FM presets are lost when the country is changed.
No effect on Premium 7
Don't know what effects if any to the RNS-500 (2009+ factory Nav)

Country setting changes DRL interaction with a euro headlight switch set to the parking / city light position.
With DRL enabled + euro switch in the city position +
Country = US results in DRL ON
Country = EU results in DRL OFF

Units are changed to metric. MFD+equipped cars be changed back if desired using MFD+ Setup


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Gee randyaxion, you managed to strip the author's name from your quoted material .:confused:
originally posted in " Re: Euro Head Unit Frequency "
It is custumary to surround quoted material with quote tags - {quote=OP name]quoted material[/quote] - replace { with [ to make sample tags function ;)

9khz AM spacing is a pain for me - just what you are looking for, FM has .1 spacing too (odd and even) ...


I would be truly surpriesed if there is not an EU market equivalent of the Premium 7 with a built in CD changer. Probably has their traffic alert systems too. Good chance the harnesses are compatible, there is evidence to support that when EU market HUs show up in the used market over here.

The iPod adaptor emulates a CD Changer. Therefore, any VW radio that will accept an iPod adaptor will alternately accept an outboard six-disc CD-Changer. (either external CD Changer or iPod adaptor, not both).

Mk V's mount the outboard CD Changer or iPod dock in the optional center armrest media bay. (Passat's mount the same pieces in their dash, but not Mk V)

The external CD-changer is not as modern as the internal Premium 7 changer. It plays Red Book CDs only - no MP3 CDs for external changer. Along the same lines, No ID3 tag support with iPod dock which simply emulates the CD-changer and is limited to those basic functions.
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