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Racing - Track or Autocross... who does it.

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Alright, I want to hear all your performance and race situations. What, where, and how are you doing? What are your goals, and what cars/upgrades do you have? Green flag is flyin'!
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DrJones said:
PMAZ said:
Counts, but doesn't count... Not much interest in this poll huh?
I don't think it's a lack of interest, but a lack of experience.

I can't speak for anyone else, but personally I would love to race my GTI but I'm neither sure how to get started, nor anxious to wreck my $23,000 investment because I'm a dumbass.

So as much as I'd like to, I actually somewhat intimidated by it. Now if only I knew someone who worked at a driving school who could give me lessons...
That is exactly how I felt last year.

I have a friend at work who does autocross, and when I turned up with my new GTI, he went full tilt into "you've gotta come out and do it!"

My worries of damaging my car were high at first, but after going to the start of the year n00bies training class, I got a chance to race my car, and with an experienced passanger giving me tips and hints all the way through. If you have one nearby, I highly reccomend doing a training class with this group, or one connected to it. the cost was less than $50, and the people are super nice. I've since gone back for normal events, and had a great time.

You're in a big lot filled with traffic cones, with little chance of hurting your car, other than a cone leaving a mark on the side, and the need to clean it off. Like I said, check out the training week next year in your area, and have a blast!

SCCA solo
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