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Racing - Track or Autocross... who does it.

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Alright, I want to hear all your performance and race situations. What, where, and how are you doing? What are your goals, and what cars/upgrades do you have? Green flag is flyin'!
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Counts, but doesn't count... Not much interest in this poll huh?
ShroomDaddy said:
I really have a desire to pursue racing / professional driver, the only problem is I don't have any idea how to get into such a sport? Anyone with thoughts on what it takes, or how you get started in the racing scene? Not to mention where are the races where you could actually enter your type of vehicle and be in the right class.
honestly, from an outsider's point of view it would take a lot of money at this point. I started very young, and it still took money (just not as much as now) and it was my family's money and support at that time. Amature racing would be more in order unless you plan on dropping mucho dinero.
hondaeater said:
anyone who's looking to get into racing on the track should check out the car guys website... or skip barber
its SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun ;D
blasphemous.... but I do agree about not driving your street car. Use that thing to get groceries (albeit however fast you'd like!) Race cars are for racing and the track is the place to do it.
hondaeater said:
sorry that im biased...

i've grown up with car guys, my dad helped start the blue ridge PCA region too...

but I've had a lot of fun on the track with those guys... plus i've learned a lot

didn't mean to offend anyone !!!
No worries! I was actually speaking of the Skip Barber part... blood enemies! I'm glad you're using your skills for racing.
Bcruzin said:
Attended my first Auto-X today, didn't participate. I was impressed by some and laughed at some others. Especially the little 16 year old daddy's boy in the supercharged 350Z who understeered thru and then INTO every corner. ;D

PMAZ... I've mastered the heel toe technique, due to your posts (thanks!) , and now i want to apply it.. is it smart to use on a cone track, where you're primarily in 2nd? Or is it reserved for more like circuit courses? I've got a bunch of questions about entry and exit: Do you swing wide thru a hairpin, then cut it in at the apex? Or do you stay tight to the inside cones thru the entire corner? Everyone there was talkin about how "this guy took the wrong line" does that vary by car? Say for our FWD MkV.. whats an average line for a FWD car?
Little lengthy, but watching this event got my blood rushing.. I'm gonna do it next month, but don't want to make a complete fool of myself. Tips welcomed
Whenever you're driving fast, heel-toe will work. If you can, limit your shifts on an autocross as much as possible. As far as line goes, there is the line that looks good on "paper" and the line that works. It would be a lengthy explanation that would need detailed information.
Anytime, that's what I'm here for.
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