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Racing - Track or Autocross... who does it.

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Alright, I want to hear all your performance and race situations. What, where, and how are you doing? What are your goals, and what cars/upgrades do you have? Green flag is flyin'!
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I'm getting into racing... so far I've been to Car Guys events... mainly to get comfortable w/ the track... and the whole atmosphere there

when i had my 03 gti 1.8t, i took it out on the track twice... stock... and the track totally dwarfed the turbo...
my dad recently invested in a 1984 gti rabbit... thats totally race ready... and i took it out this past october, and it was a blast!!!

this may be my personal opinion... but i wouldnt recommend taking your street car to the track... besides of all the wear and tear, a split second is between you and a shitty weekend... plus however long it takes you to smooth out the wrinkles in your car...
i've watched many guys with expensive cars go home in tears b/c they made a stupid mistake
(a lot of those were corvettes... 'nuff said)
but back to the point... i feel much more comfortable in a steel box with a roll cage, nasty sport suspension and a more than adequate fire extinguishing system than a street car with lap belts. plus... if i hit a tire wall, it'll cost tons less to fix an old gti than my new 06 one

anyone who's looking to get into racing on the track should check out the car guys website... or skip barber
its SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun ;D
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sorry that im biased...

i've grown up with car guys, my dad helped start the blue ridge PCA region too...

but I've had a lot of fun on the track with those guys... plus i've learned a lot

didn't mean to offend anyone !!!
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