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1. If you could descrbe your GTi with one word, what would it be? (not fast)

2.If you could name your GTi, what would it be?

3.If your fast told you to jump off a bridge would you do it?
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1. sweet
2. GTfly
3. no... but maybe drive over one hah. kidding
1. Fast. Damn it, I missed that one. OK, exhilarating.

2. Helga. My gf and i have talked about whether the GTI is a girl or a boy, but all my cars have been girls, and Helga is the most manly German girl name I've got.

3. Since there will be a landing ramp on the other side, yes!!!
1. Insane
3. If the cops were chasing me and actually catching up.
1. German
2. Lance Uppercut
3. I'd probably be too messed up to drive if I thought the car was talking to me...
Speaking of questionnaires, did anyone else get a J.D. Power questionnaire about their new car purchase since purchasing it? I just filled it out. I rated the car highly but burned my dealership. Cause they suck.
1. Awesome!!
2. Woolfie, was going to call him Adolf but I just couldn't do it.
3. No. I only listen to the other voices in my head.
1 awsome
2 Darkness Surrounding
3 like other posts if thefast told me to do it that means i am trashed so yes hell i would do it anyways
1) Astounding
2) Kit (cuz it talks to me in Q 3, or Darth Vader)
3) Pretty sure - no
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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