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If I were you i would be greatly concerned by the products made in South Africa, if you don't believe me, read up on this forum:

and search for volkswagen south africa. You will be shocked by what you find. If I had known about the shocking quality they produce, I would NEVER have bought a VW!!

My car has rusted since 4 weeks after driving it out of the dealership, not in 1 place, but all over... there is a leak behind the dash and with the heavy rain i can see the water trickling in. I had to use a dehumidifier to get the damp out of the car! they "forget" to fasten certain things, i had no accelerator clip, nor was the coil attached to the body, but left dangling in the engine bay... after 4 reports by industry watchdogs, a representative from Uitenhage (the factory) noticed it.. but their service here is a whole other story!!!

I have been fighting with them for a year and a half and daily I am shocked by the lack of quality they deliver and the absolute complacency they show. I have emailed Germany and they refuse to do a thing, they say it is an SA issue and must be resolved here... GREAT support wouldn't you say...?

I would do a lot of research before buying a VW made in South Africa!!
Take my advice, i wish someone had done the same for me earlier.
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