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Popped Tire, Didn't notice.

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Popped a tire last night and ended up driving on it for an hour because I couldn't tell it was flat other then it was pulling slightly to the right.

Damn the Canadian models need TPMS! It was serious hard to tell it was flat. A driver beside me got me to roll down my window and let me know the tire was flat and steaming. Not sure why it was steaming, maybe just extra water on the brakes.

But damn, It was still smooth even at 140km/h on a flat!

I have the 18" with summer tires.
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I work at a rim shop over in melbourne fl 225/40/18 as i believe that is on that car bg good are only 180 a tire around 225 installed at our shop. Warrenty wont cover it unless its seperated from the seem on the sidewall. Pretty much everything else they blame on you. goodluck
Unless u get the extra road side tire protection your pretty much on your own even if it is a 60,000 mile tire its just saying it last that long not the warrentee. Unless u can prove it was a manu. problem they will replace it no problem. Sucks i know i got a nice rip in my tire on the first week of having them on my bimmer. They looked at it and said nope this hit a pot hole. 150 bucks down the drain in a week.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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